Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kushagra Bajaj

‘Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning’. The identical statement has confirmed by Kushagra Bajaj, who has got his business to the peak in just only 10 years of his corporate journey. Achievements, reaching to extraordinary revenues really make him as a fascinating business planner, who brings a non-achievable height to sugar and power plant. He sets him to carry a fresh success in upcoming years.

Coming from the most admirable Bajaj Group, Kushagra Nayan Bajaj (35) is one of the influential and powerful business personalities of India. Currently, he is the Vice Chairman of the Bajaj Group, Chairman of Bajaj Corp Limited and Joint Managing Director of BajajHindusthan Ltd (BHL). In 2002 after getting higher education from Carnegie Mellon University and Northwestern University, he had joined Bajaj Hindusthan Ltd (BHL) as Chief Executive when the total revue of the company was Rs 300 crore that turned to 1,800 crore in just 5 years with ever striking strategies of Kushagra Bajaj. At present Bajaj Hindusthan Ltd is able to achieve a crown of best and highest contributor of sugar business in the country. In last two to three years, he has been continuously put efforts to become tycoon in power business too.

At present, Kushagra Bajaj power business already invested with Rs 2,300 crore for the set up of 450 Mw five coal-fired power plants; where in future it raise to 870 MW. Apart from this, he has already been invested with 12,700 crore for the project of 1,980-Mw power project at Lalitpur. This is not enough with his business planning, as per recorded interviews; Kushagra Bajaj has committed to carry his power business to the range of Rs 20,000 crore in the next three-four years. In the same layout, Bajaj Group has already being invested thousands of dollars with foreign companies in order to start with power plants. The group has bought a coal mine in Indonesia with recoverable reserves of 100 million tonnes that alone can sustain the project for a decade. But what drew the younger Bajaj to pump Rs 15,000 crore (Rs 150 billion) in power in the first place? "Power will give us a huge cash flow and a fixed return, unlike sugar. We have an assured return of around 15 per cent in power under the cost-plus model, he says."

Bajaj points that he chose Uttar Pradesh for the power project since the demand-supply mismatch is more severe in the state compared to most others where many projects have been lined up. "The power situation in Uttar Pradesh is projected to face a deficit in the coming years too," he adds. Besides these, he also committed that in the next session of financial year; we will become top notch contributor of power business of the nation.

Every business has its own and regulations while achieving its heights. Similarly, here Kushagra Bajaj has achieved a tremendous figures while bring his family business on the honorable heights. Today, the Bajaj Group not only makes his reference in the business of Sugar but also performs well with power, real estate, wood alternatives, coal mining, infrastructure development and many more. In just age of 35 years, Kushagra Bajaj has broken all the past records of business rules while brining the Bajaj Group on the high peak.

He says he is moving rapidly in pursuit of his 'childhood dream' of finding a place among the top business houses in India.
"We are slowly moving towards it. Whether we will succeed or not, time will tell," he says.

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